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Global Student Commercial Space Society


To captivate and engage STEAM students to become advocates for the development of commercial and private space, empowering those students as catalysts for, and future leaders of, a permanent private human presence in space.

What we do

The Global Student Commercial Space Society (GSCSS) encourages students around the globe to pursue an interest in commercial space, whether that is through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math. GSCSS supports students (upper secondary / high school and up) by providing a robust international community of like minded commercial space advocates while also providing unique opportunities for those students to develop their skills and creativity, connecting with real issues, organizations and leaders within the commercial space industry.


An important part of gscss...

One of the GSCSS's greatest assets is our constant development. There will always be more opportunities and ways for you to help or grow with us and the growing commercial space community.


Why we formed

We believe that commercial space endeavors are critical to developing a permanent, private human presence in space. We are inspired by the boundless potential of space and are determined to one day set foot among the stars. We know that students all around the world look into space with the same curiosity and inspiration as us. GSCSS aims to bring those students together and provide them with real challenges and events within the commercial space industry. GSCSS believes that one day, together, humanity will not only travel to space, but will live in space having developed a thriving ecosystem.


 L2 - the Commercial Space STEAM Journal (CSSJ)

GSCSS’s journal is a compilation of high school and university student academic space articles, science fiction short stories, and art.  This space community journal is a way for students, the vanguard of tomorrow’s private space efforts, to publish and share their research, creativity, and artwork with new communities globally.



The GSCSS is determined to build a global network, allowing students to speak and work with other students and relevant industry leaders.  We believe that having a society is critical as it is a way for students to support one another and be represented within the commercial space industry. GSCSS aims to gain broad support and excitement for commercial space efforts.  Through STEAM disciplines, we want to communicate the importance of commercial space to all communities globally.


Commercial Space 3D Print Challenge

The Commercial Space 3D Print Challenge is a competition that runs continuously, where each month, a student designer with the most passionate creation is featured on GSCSS's social media. Students are encouraged to design a 3D printable object, tool, space vehicle model, or artwork, inspired by the development of a permanent private human presence throughout the solar system, now or a hundred years from now!


GSCSS IS CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS by working with our partners to connect our society to industry.