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Pathfinder Launch

Hans Culton

Today, the Project Burstvision team is doing their first launch in their launch schedule over the course of the next year! They will be launching the Pathfinder weather balloon at 18:00 GMT+2 on February 13th of 2016.

The launch team is going to broadcast the launch - the link for the live stream will be available here at 17:45 GMT+2.

Weekly Update

Hans Culton

This update is coming in a little bit late on a Tuesday, we have had a crazy busy week.  While we usually spend a significant amount of time on many different projects, this week was focused on meeting many different people. A list of the projects of week of October 25th to Oct 31st follows.

Initiatives: More work was done on the various initiatives between what we can do in the short term, and what we want to do in the long term.

Student journal: More work went into establishing an editorial board this week than in weeks past. Before a journal can be published, it is, of course, important to have a qualified and enthusiastic board of editors.

Business meetings: This past week, we met with many different people ranging from universities to various business and coding conferences. Over the new few weeks, Director C. Hans Culton will be working as a Team Leader for SLUSH Youth, and hopes to have an even larger presence at SLUSH conferences in the future.

It's be a quiet week due to the sheer size of the projects we've been working on. We're looking forward to finalizing the student journal here shortly and keeping in contact with all of you!

Weekly Update

Hans Culton

This week has been a busy week, not externally but internally. A quick list of our main projects this week:

Development with the Student Journal: we've put lots of work in this week into establishing the rules for the journal, figuring out the themes and schedules, and how best to organize the journal with students globally.

Expanding on Social Media: we've linked our Twitter account to the website so you can now follow us in-the-moment with updates updates! Our Facebook page is not up quite yet, but we will link it here very shortly.

Reflections on IAC: it is now a week after the International Astronautical Congress and, like every year, we were ecstatic to see the developments in the commercial space industry. We met with many other great organizations and our looking forward to prosperous futures together.

Reaching Out: our team has also been busy reaching out to other educational organizations.  We're looking forward to providing opportunities for students all around the world.

A great week with great progress, we're excited to continue our work and stay updated with all of you!

Initiatives and Opportunites

Hans Culton

Today we want to write about our initiatives and opportunities we plan to create for high school and university students in the short term and the long term. The opportunities we are developing are some of the many things that motivate us everyday, and we want to share a clear vision for what the future entails.

So what exactly are the initiatives? There's a broad range of what we plan to develop, and what can develop even beyond those. We aim to create papers, artwork, conferences, and even hands-on opportunities where students are able to meet globally and work on commercial space projects. Our current largest project is a student STEAM journal, and it is the subject of our focus and work right now. The goal of the student journal is to allow students to publish and share their research and artwork with new communities globally. The student journal is not only for scientific papers however, as it is for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math students, meaning that a research paper, business plan, and a painting can all be a part of one issue. We also aim to get a vast variety of readers as to further benefit the students:  our ambition is to have new communities and groups read and study each issue.

Our schedule is to open the student journal for submission very soon. We still have lots of smaller ambitions to create the grand image for the journal however.  Before we create a submission date, we want to make sure that all the details about the journal are readily available and that as many students as possible world wide have the chance to submit.

With all that being summarized, we're very excited to be on this journey and are excited for the future!

GSCSS joins the International Astronautical Federation

Hans Culton

On October 12 of 2015, during the first day of the International Astronautical Congress, founder and director C. Hans Culton presented GSCSS to the IAF General Assembly. Shortly thereafter, GSCSS was accepted into the knowledgeable and creative ranks of the IAF.

We are absolutely honored to be among the fantastic organization of the IAF and are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship!

SpaceX DSCOVR Launch

Hans Culton

While the launch has been so far postponed twice (first attempt due to loss of an Air Force Range radar at Cape Canaveral and the second due to weather), Tuesday the 10th of Feb is the new planned launch date.  The new launch window is slim, like the first two, though as always we all hope for the best!

Watch the event live here:

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Rescheduled for February 9th 18:07 EST

Hans Culton

SpaceX intends to have a historic launch tomorrow at 6:07 PM EST by landing a rocket on a barge for the first time in human history.  The launch, originally scheduled for February 8th, was scrubbed at T-3 minutes due to an issue with an Air Force Radar.

The launch has been rescheduled for February 9th at 6:07 PM EST.

Watch live here:

Orion EFT-1 Flight Successful

Hans Culton

On December 5th, 2014, a human ship traveled farther into space than any ship had within the past 40 years; since the Apollo missions (not including probes).  The flight, lasting around four hours and 30 minutes was a complete success with every system functioning exactly as it should.  Re-entry happened exactly as predicted, and the Orion capsule splashdown was remarkably close to the predicted splashdown zone.  Only one stabilizing airbag did not inflate once the capsule had landed, and that was the only system that didn't function exactly as intended during the entire test.

A momentous occasion for the space industry, especially after the two incidents within the past couple months that received heavy criticism from the media (Virgin's Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket).

Orion's first test flight was made possible by many different groups working in tandem.  The NASA rocket received the majority of assistance from Lockheed Martin, who were operators for a few different segments of the test yesterday.  Contrary to the first scheduled launch period (07:05 AM to 09:44 AM ET, Dec 4th), which was riddled with different issues spurring to life in the moment, Orion had liftoff at precisely 07:05 AM ET, Dec 5th.  From there continued the ease of the mission with each consequential phase occurring perfectly on time with no issues.  The Orion ran two orbits around the Earth launching from Florida and landing off the coast of Baja, California.

The next Orion test fight is scheduled to be a few years from now (around 2018), however, so it's important to take the excitement from this test flight and focus it on other projects and missions the space industry has planned between now and then in the meantime.  NASA's broadcast repeatedly announced how this launch ushered humanity into a new era of exploration and development, so let us not let those statements become untrue and continue forward with our pursuit of commercial space.

Orion EFT-1 launch two

Hans Culton

Today is the second possible launch date for Orion EFT-1 after the first launch had to be postponed due to valve issues. The launch is scheduled today, Dec 5th, for 7:05 AM ET.

The launch will still be live streamed by NASA TV at 

Orion EFT-1

Hans Culton

The Orion capsule is having its first test launch today at 7:05 AM EST , watch it live here: