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Initiatives and Opportunites

Hans Culton

Today we want to write about our initiatives and opportunities we plan to create for high school and university students in the short term and the long term. The opportunities we are developing are some of the many things that motivate us everyday, and we want to share a clear vision for what the future entails.

So what exactly are the initiatives? There's a broad range of what we plan to develop, and what can develop even beyond those. We aim to create papers, artwork, conferences, and even hands-on opportunities where students are able to meet globally and work on commercial space projects. Our current largest project is a student STEAM journal, and it is the subject of our focus and work right now. The goal of the student journal is to allow students to publish and share their research and artwork with new communities globally. The student journal is not only for scientific papers however, as it is for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math students, meaning that a research paper, business plan, and a painting can all be a part of one issue. We also aim to get a vast variety of readers as to further benefit the students:  our ambition is to have new communities and groups read and study each issue.

Our schedule is to open the student journal for submission very soon. We still have lots of smaller ambitions to create the grand image for the journal however.  Before we create a submission date, we want to make sure that all the details about the journal are readily available and that as many students as possible world wide have the chance to submit.

With all that being summarized, we're very excited to be on this journey and are excited for the future!