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Weekly Update

Hans Culton

This week has been a busy week, not externally but internally. A quick list of our main projects this week:

Development with the Student Journal: we've put lots of work in this week into establishing the rules for the journal, figuring out the themes and schedules, and how best to organize the journal with students globally.

Expanding on Social Media: we've linked our Twitter account to the website so you can now follow us in-the-moment with updates updates! Our Facebook page is not up quite yet, but we will link it here very shortly.

Reflections on IAC: it is now a week after the International Astronautical Congress and, like every year, we were ecstatic to see the developments in the commercial space industry. We met with many other great organizations and our looking forward to prosperous futures together.

Reaching Out: our team has also been busy reaching out to other educational organizations.  We're looking forward to providing opportunities for students all around the world.

A great week with great progress, we're excited to continue our work and stay updated with all of you!