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Weekly Update

Hans Culton

This update is coming in a little bit late on a Tuesday, we have had a crazy busy week.  While we usually spend a significant amount of time on many different projects, this week was focused on meeting many different people. A list of the projects of week of October 25th to Oct 31st follows.

Initiatives: More work was done on the various initiatives between what we can do in the short term, and what we want to do in the long term.

Student journal: More work went into establishing an editorial board this week than in weeks past. Before a journal can be published, it is, of course, important to have a qualified and enthusiastic board of editors.

Business meetings: This past week, we met with many different people ranging from universities to various business and coding conferences. Over the new few weeks, Director C. Hans Culton will be working as a Team Leader for SLUSH Youth, and hopes to have an even larger presence at SLUSH conferences in the future.

It's be a quiet week due to the sheer size of the projects we've been working on. We're looking forward to finalizing the student journal here shortly and keeping in contact with all of you!